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Kisenkou Ceramics - WOMEN

Kisenkou Ceramics
Kisenkou ceramics is seen as a treasure in the handmade pottery world. Current owner and pottery master Takayuki Yamamoto has been in the field for over 30 years. Kisenkou ceramics signature characteristics are lightweight and the unique colour tone and mixture. Made in Japan, with master skills and artisanal passion.
Kisenkou Ceramics
Handcrafted Bowl in 3 Choices
cad 34.00
Kisenkou Ceramics
Handcrafted Plate in 3 Choices
cad 29.00
Kisenkou Ceramics
Handcrafted Mug in 3 Choices
cad 55.00
Kisenkou Ceramics
Sake Set
cad 109.00