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Crown Northampton Shoes - WOMEN

Crown Northampton Shoes
Established by the great great grandfather Earnest Woodford of the Woodford family, Northhampton has been making quality boots and shoes by hand since 1908. For five generations, Northhampton has progressed through the many years and gained worldwide recognition for their high standards and superb quality in footwear. “Crown Northhampton” serves as their outlet for hand made traditional British shoe designs suited for the modern age. Along with this, each shoe sports the Northampton crest, which signifies the history and excellence behind the extraordinary lineage of these shoemakers.
Crown Northampton Shoes
Regent Shoes - White
cad 169.00  84.50 50% off
Crown Northampton Shoes
Regent Shoes - Black
cad 169.00  118.30 30% off
1499 Dundas Street West,Toronto,
Ontario - M6K 1T6 Canada.
(647) 606-3270