About Us
Blue Button Shop provides the finest collection of select Japanese brands under one roof. The brands we carry are often exclusive to the Japanese market. For example, if you read Japanese magazines such as "2nd", "Popeye", "Free & Easy" or "Go Out", you might come across certain outfits or items that you'd love to have but do not possess the means of obtaining them due to many restrictions. That is where we come in. Blue Button Shop gathers the latest, high quality designer brands from Japan and offer them to individuals around the globe. Our selection tends to focus on the smart casual, mature style of fashion and will be for those who want craftsmanship and longevity with their wardrobe. We are also one of the few boutiques that is truly unisex and carry range of styles for both women and men. Please visit at our main location or check our online store to see the great things we have in store for you.