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Sugar Cane
Sugar Cane & Co. has mastered the art of making Japanese selvedge denim. Their main selection is made from sugar cane, which they collect from different locations in Japan such as Awa and Okinawa and also collect from Hawaii as well. Each dye and sugar cane fibre has a distinctive texture and quality. In earlier times, dungarees made from sugar cane were highly sought after and praised for their rugged, classic quality. Currently, Sugar Cane’s selection is made using traditional Japanese dyeing techniques and old power looms in an effort to reproduce the authenticity and high quality of the Japanese dungarees that were available almost a century ago.
Sugar Cane
1947 Model Type-III - Slim Fit/ 1 Wash
cad 249.00 Soldout
Sugar Cane
1947 Model Type-III - Slim Fit/ Black
cad 249.00