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Hinoki Lab - MEN

Hinoki Lab
For centuries the Japanese Cypress tree, known as Hinoki has been praised for its countless and precious uses. From building of ancient Japanese temples and shrines to its therapeutic aroma that helps to achieve a peaceful state of mind, sterilization and many other benefits. Hinoki Lab is an innovative Japanese company, which has 14 year-experience in the field of distillation of Hinoki. We are dedicated and specialized in extracting Hinoki essential oils in 3 product lines: wood, leaf and branch, and leaf; in a large production capacity.
Hinoki Lab
Hinoki Wood - Essential Oil 30ml
cad 85.00
Hinoki Lab
Hinoki Wood - Essential Oil 5ml
cad 33.00
Hinoki Lab
Hinoki Leave - Essential Oil 5ml
cad 32.00
Hinoki Lab
Hinoki Leave from Shinjo Village - Essential Oil 5ml
cad 59.00