Riraku Fragrance

AO Incense with Stand - 5 Choices

The traditional blue color has
the intriguing history
and personality, which
"AO"expresses with scents.
Have a relaxing time 
from both sight and smell.

the color which reminds
the planet of water, the Earth
and the deep sea.
Clear scent with freshness
that evokes
the beautiful calm sea.

ASAGI was the color of
Shinsengumi’s kimono
in the late Edo period
and was highly respected.
Glamorous floral scent
inspired by the strength and 
brilliance of Shinsengumi.

the color collected from 
the communis petals.
This color was familiar to
the masses during the Edo period.
Refreshing scent of greenery 
which conveys familiarity.

the pale color of“Gunjo”, 
which represent
a blue sky.
Clean and fresh scent
with the sensation of
the refreshing morning air.

a luxurious color from “malachite”,
an expensive material
and scarce mineral.
Luxurious, elegant, deep scent
inspired by
the Japanese traditional paintings.
cad  39.00
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