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Herbal Hinoki - Natural Fragrance Oil 10ml

Hinoki Lab's Herbal Hinoki Essential Oil is made from 100% pure essential oil. Immerse yourself in the revitalizing calm from the Hinoki and the relaxing aroma from the herbs. Melt in the bath using 2-3 drops or reduce the stresses in the atmosphere of your room by adding 1-2 drops on a tissue and placing it on your bedside. Amplify the calm in the room by adding 3-6 drops into a diffuser. You'll be sure to feel relaxed and full of tranquillity using the Herbal Hinoki Essential Oil, perfect for times when you feel mentally and physically exhausted.

  • 100% Pure essential oil
  • Contents: 10ml
  • Steam distilled
  • Made in Japan
cad  67.00

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