Aroma Incense Sticks -Regular Box - 10 Choices

Nourish your mind, body, and soul with Hibi's deep series, a fragrance that reaches you on a deeper level, transforming the color of time. Gone are the days where lighting devices are needed. Simply light the incense matches and absorb the calm and serenity that follow with 10 available scents.


Feel restored and refreshed with the sweet and sour aroma of Lemongrass. 

Soothe your mind for a relaxed sleep with the floral fragrance of Lavender. 

Balance a vulnerable spirit with the sweetness of rose scent with Geranium. 

Deepen your satisfaction and relieve tension with the rich and sensual sweetness of Ylang Ylang. 

Soothe feelings of depression and frustrations with the spicy fragrance of Tea Tree. 

Replenish and stimulate the air of your living space with the aroma of fresh citrus with Citronella. 

Warm and relax your mind and body with the refreshing citrus fragrance of Yuzu during somber winters. 

Find a sense of clarity for your restless mind with the aroma of trees combined with nostalgic serenity with Japanese Cypress. 

Help find a clear path to self-reflection and eliminate tensions with Sandalwood's sweet scent. 

Recover a positive mindset and revitalize low spirits with the smell of spicy sweetness with our Cinnamon fragrance.


  • Pack of 8 incense matches
  • Felt mat holder
  • 10 Scents available
  • Made in Japan


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