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Pip-Squeak Chapeau - WOMEN

Pip-Squeak Chapeau
Using natural yarns and fabric, the collection is hand made in Brooklyn, New York. The design has no age nor size restrictions, they are meant to be part of your closet and part of you.
Pip-Squeak Chapeau
Boy shirt cotton, white pin dot - White
cad 389.00  194.50 50% off
Pip-Squeak Chapeau
Painter shirt cotton print black mini-flower - White
cad 419.00  209.50 50% off
Pip-Squeak Chapeau
Raglan shirt (long sleeves) cotton batiste - Black
cad 389.00  155.60 60% off
1499 Dundas Street West,Toronto,
Ontario - M6K 1T6 Canada.
(647) 606-3270