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Maison de Soil
maison de soil was established in 2009 as the high-end line of the brand SOIL. Designs of this Japanese brand are inspired by vintage costumes without being too eccentric, they are made in a way to bring out the best qualities of the material itself. Most of the products use fabrics from around the world and are hand-stitched and embroidered by skilled artisans.
Maison de Soil
Rahasthan Tuck Gathered Skirt - Natural
cad 498  298.8 40% off
Maison de Soil
Back Opening Crew Neck Shirt - Natural
cad 398  238.8 40% off
Maison de Soil
Inverted Pleat SS Pullover Dress with Lining
cad 579  347.4 40% off
Maison de Soil
Wool Fly Front Coat - Grey
cad 1,129  677.4 40% off
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