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Maison Kitsuné - WOMEN

Maison Kitsuné
Maison Kitsuné is conceived in 2002 by Gildas Loaëc and Masaya Kuroki, co-founders and creative directors. A trip to Japan inspires them to bring their passions together around a single concept: one-of-a-kind brand that unites fashion and music. 
The name « Kitsuné » , meaning « fox » in Japanese and a symbol of versatility, struck them as the most obvious choice.In the fourteen years following its creation, the brand has consistently grown and increased its international influence with more than 300 sales points around the world, including four of the brand’s own boutiques in Paris, two in New York, two in Tokyo and one in Hong Kong.
Maison Kitsuné
Quilted Sweatshirt - Grey
cad 379  151.6 60% off
Maison Kitsuné
Tricolor Tote Bag - White
cad 89  35.6 60% off
Maison Kitsuné
Tricolor Fox Socks - Red
cad 59  23.6 60% off
Maison Kitsuné
Stripe Ribbed Pullover
cad 379  113.7 70% off
Maison Kitsuné
Ribbed Pullover - Ecru
cad 309  92.7 70% off
Maison Kitsuné
Crepe Suzanne Pompom Blouse - Ecru
cad 433  129.9 70% off
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