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Fog Linen
What began as an appreciation for the Lithuanian linen industry has now transformed into a full line of linen-based products. Yumiko Sekine’s brand Fog Linen Works designs quality home products and garments for everyday life.
Fog Linen
Roserie Linen Scarf
cad 109  87.2 20% off
Fog Linen
Aiste Top White
cad 229  183.2 20% off
Fog Linen
Alicia Wide Pants Blue Dur
cad 249
Fog Linen
Adeline Gather Pants Mark
cad 228  182.4 20% off
Fog Linen
Aneri Gather Skirt Liege
cad 148
Fog Linen
Linen Daily Apron Black Natural Check
cad 86
Fog Linen
Tuz Fringe Scarf
cad 99
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