Tieasy - MEN

Tieasy is a Japanese brand that maintains the ruggedness and traditional Japanese workmanship found in classic “made in Japan” apparel. Their authentic boat neck basque shirts are produced in Eastern Japan and are made with fabrics like HDCS Cotton and Organic Slab Cotton, which are known for their ultra-high density and natural, unique tendency to warp over time. To construct the clothing, Tieasy inherited their postwar era weaving machines, which are used to slowly weave the clothing to maintain the high level of quality and old-fashioned craftsmanship of the Japanese artisans. Every garment is made with pride and, much like the material, will adapt to your life in the simplest and most natural way.
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1499 Dundas Street West,Toronto,
Ontario - M6K 1T6 Canada.
(647) 606-3270