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NAME. by Noriyuki Shimizu - MEN

NAME. by Noriyuki Shimizu
‘Name.’ is a brand started in 2010, by the designer, Noriyuki Shimizu, who started out as a pattern maker, and Ryo Kaise, Representative/Director. This men’s wear brand has gained popularity with their skilled expression of the mood of the times, through sensitive pattern work, unique use of materials, and details with a twist, and was awarded the TOKYO FASHION AWARD in 2016. A metamorphosis of classic tailoring is witnessed in the dropped shoulders of oversized sweatshirts, dramatic wide-legged trousers, and panelled denim. Corduroy and poplin textures meet an earth tone palette which is occasionally interrupted by pops of neon, graphic patterns, and leather motorcycle jackets. Distressed knits, unfinished hemlines, and asymmetric constructions showcase that, above all, Name. emanates a distinctly non-conforming attitude.
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1499 Dundas Street West,Toronto,
Ontario - M6K 1T6 Canada.
(647) 606-3270